Stringing Tools

Stringing Tools
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Araldite Instant (24ml syringe), TSGLUE5
Araldite® Instant 24ml syringe. A strong, long lasting solvent-free adhesive which is water resistan..
Araldite Precision, Rapid Setting (2 Separate Tubes), TSGLUE7
Araldite® Rapid 2 x 15ml tube. A strong, long lasting solvent-free adhesive which is water resistant..
Araldite Precision, Standard Setting (2 Separate Tubes), TSGLUE6
Araldite® Standard 2 x 15ml tube. A strong, solvent-free adhesive suitable for all materials, ideal ..
Beadalon Designer Crimp Tool, TSTCR1
Close and secure Beadalon Crimp Beads and Crimp Tubes with this easy-to-use hand tool. There are man..
Beadalon Designer Knotting Pliers, TSTKP
Thin, smooth tips help secure and position knots without fraying silk thread or other fibrous string..
Beadalon Flat Nose Pliers, TSTFNP
Designed for making sharp bends and right angles in ColourCraft and other soft wire. Flat Nose Plier..
Beadalon Knotting Tool, TSTKNT
A quality knotting tool to create tight, consistent, professional looking knotted strands without a ..
Beadalon Magical Crimping Tool, TSTMC18
Use these crimping pliers to form neat little round crimps. Please note these only work well with St..
Beadalon Round Nose Pliers, TSTRNP
A must for wire wrapping designers. Use quality Round Nose Pliers to form loops and curves. Use to r..
Beadalon Snipper Tool, TSTSNP
These compact Snips have precision tips to make close cuts easy. Built for efficiency, these snips l..
Beadalon Split Ring Pliers, TSTSRP
Save your finger nails! This tool makes opening split rings a lot easier on the fingers. 5'' long. M..
Beadalon Wire Looping Pliers, TSTWLP
Top jaw has 3 sizes to help create a wide variety of loop sizes. The concave lower jaw helps form ro..
Beadsmith Beadboard, 3 U Shaped Channels., TSBEADBD
Create your own unique pieces of jewellery with this great design board. Great for jewellery making,..
Beadsmith Deluxe Beader's Tool Kit, TSTDBTK
Includes: • Chain Nose Plier • Round Nose Plier • Side Cutter • Crimping Plier • Knot Cutter • Knott..
Beadsmith Pro, Colour ID 4 Plier Set, TSTBSC4P
How many times have you reached for the wrong plier because all of the handles are the same color? T..
Beadsmith Pro, Colour ID 5 Plier Set, TSTBSC3P
Includes: • Round Nose • Flat Nose • Side Cutters • Chain Nose • Chain Nose with Cutter..
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