18ct White Gold Grain


18ct WNC White casting grain is produced using state of the art technology, ensuring your grain provides a consistent and reliable cast each time. Our 18ct WNC alloy has been tested to EN1811:2011 and is compliant for prolonged and direct contact with the skin. Please note; it is NOT compliant for piercing post assemblies. It has a casting range of 1000-1110°C, 920-960°C melting range, and a density of 14.8g/cm3. This 18ct grain contains Spring Nickel and is Rhenium refined. Store your grain in an air-tight container to avoid contamination. 18ct grain is also available in yellow and red alloys. This product is made using 100% Recycled Gold.

£53.65 per gram (ex vat)
£64.38 per gram (inc vat)