9ct Red Gold Grain


9ct RSC Red casting grain is manufactured using the latest technology to ensure your grain produces a consistent and reliable cast every time. Our 9ct red RSC alloy has a casting temperature range of 1020-1100°C, 900-970°C melting range, a cast hardness 110HV and a density of 11.1g/cm3. This 9ct grain produces a 5N colour (red) and contains silicon to assist with the flow of metal during the casting process, creating a versatile alloy that is widely used in many forms of jewellery manufacture. Please note; this alloy is not suitable for cuttlefish casting, sheet/wire ingot mould or skillet casting. Store your grain in an air-tight container to avoid contamination. This product is made using 100% Recycled Gold.

£26.16 per gram (ex vat)
£31.39 per gram (inc vat)