Sterling Silver Grain


Our standard .925 sterling silver casting grain is manufactured using the latest technology, ensuring your casting grain produces consistent, high-quality casts every time. Our grain is cadmium free (0.025% cadmium) and has a casting temperature range of 970-1090°C, 805-890°C melting range, HV hardness of 75 and a density of 10.4g/cm3 (flask temperatures are typically 500-600°C). Standard silver casting grain is extremely fluid once molten and tends to absorb oxygen, which may cause porous or brittle castings so ensure a few extras are added to your cast. To prevent this from occurring; a reducing gas cover, or similar precautions, should be used to minimise this effect. Store your standard silver grain in air-tight, tarnish resistant atmosphere or use our Anti Tarnish Tabs to help prevent oxidisation.

£0.81 per gram (ex vat)
£0.97 per gram (inc vat)